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Dress Up Your Basket with Our Beautiful Findings

We offer a wide range of findings (in stock) in many sizes and with a large variety of designs. Our artful collection includes beautifully scrimmed pieces as well as handsome carved pieces. In stock we carry a variety of knobs, domes, washers, and purse pegs. We have findings made from a variety of materials including Ivory, bone, and acrylics. All of the colorful scrimmed pieces are hand painted in the USA by American artisans. We believe all of our gorgeously crafted findings to be beautiful works of art all by themselves that dress and compliment your own work of art in such a beautiful way. Incase you want to try your own hand at making findings we also offer "Do-it-yourself findings". We are always adding to our collection of designs but, if you have your own special design favorite (like maybe horses for example), and you don't see any in our collection the, please let use know. We'll see if we can acquire it for you.

Ivory and Bone Findings
Nate's Acrylic Findings Collection
Do It Yourself Findings
Scrimshaw Bars
Ivory and Bone Rounds
Ivory and Bone Ovals
3 3/4" Acrylic Oval Purse Plaques
1 1/2" Ovals
1" Ovals
9/16" Ovals
1 1/2" x 11/16" Rectangles
1 1/4" Rounds
1/2" Rounds
1 3/4" Rounds

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