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Basket Making Hand Tools

You've often heard professional craftsmen comment that "it's easy when you have the right tools". Basket makers have traditionally "made do" with tools meant for other purposes. Now Nate offers tools that have been carefully selected or created expressly for the basket maker. Employing some age-old woodworking techniques together with some brand new tool concepts, these tools will make your work easier and improve the quality of your finished basket. Whether it's our cutting or packing tools, you can be sure they will enhance your basket making pleasure.

We have separated the tools into two groups.

Don't just "make do"! Select from all of our fine tools to make your basket making experience and absolute pleasure.

Nate's Must Have Tool Box Package

For a special price we sell "Nate's Must Have Tool Box Package". "Nate's Must Have Tool Box Package" is the bare minimum set of tools that Nate would recommend having on hand in order to make baskets. This package contains the following:

1. Craftsmen's Weaving Stand
2. Short Bent Weave Rite
3. Micro Nipper
4. Needle Nose Pliers
5. Push Drill
6. Pin Setter
7. Susie Clips
8. Flat Egg Sander
9. Push Pins
10. Super Glue (Insta-Cure)
11. Drill Bit Package (7 drill bits) (The 7 drill bits include one of each of the
following: 3/32", 1/16", 1/8", #38, #69 (Black), #69 (Silver), and #60 drill

Total Cost of "Nate's Must Have Tool Box Package": $99.95

You Save $20.85!

Nate's Secret to Beautiful Baskets: Smooth and Silkie

Basket handles feel rough? Make them feel Smooth and Silkie using our five step process. Scrape, sand twice, shine, and oil. Take five minutes and make your handle Smooth and Silkie, and just irresistible to touch.

Smooth and Silkie Package includes:

1. Cabinet Scraper
2. Flat Egg Sander
3. Fabric Sandpaper
4. Scotch Brite
5. Finishing Oil
Total: $14.95

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They are a beautiful way to Dress your baskets.

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