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Tools: Basket Maker's Tools

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Craftsmen's Weaving Stand

The craftsmen's weaving stand has six holes that allow for countless positions when pivoted on the table. Five holes are for horizontal positions of the mold. The sixth hole is a top mounting hole. One weaving post is included. Best Price Anywhere!

Weave Rites that Nate recommends:

Short Bent Narrow Weave Rite for Lashing $9.95
Short Bent Wide Weave Rite for packing $9.95
Straight Wide Weave Rite for packing $9.95
Straight Narrow Weave Rite for lashing $9.95

Tools For The Small Hand

Angled Micro Nipper $19.95
Micro Nipper $11.95
Needle Nose Pliers $19.95
Maxi Shear $19.95

These tools are scaled for the small hand. The Micro Nippers are the most popular tool. It has a small jaw yet cuts wood in thickness of 1/8". It cuts absolutely clean against a flat surface (flush cutting). It is the only tool to use for cutting uprights at the top of the basket. The Angled Nipper's cutting head is cocked at an angle for reaching inside of a basket and cutting where it is usually impossible. The Needle Nose Pliers are great for reaching up into tight places and grabbing the material you want without loosening or damaging your weaving. The Maxi Shear is sued for flush cutting larger materials. It is ideal for the round and flat reed basket maker as it cuts wider for the larger scale reed baskets.

Push Drill

Use the Push Drill to drill holes prior to setting your rim nails. This precision tool is powered by a simple push. To use, hold securely between the thumb and your first two fingers and rotated back and forth for precise control drilling.

Nantucket Pin Setter

Solve your rim nailing problems. This tool is a must for the Nantucket basket maker. If you have had difficulty nailing your Nantucket rims you won't with the Pin Setter. Pre-drill your nail holes and set a pin tip in the hole. Place the Pin Setter over the pin and squeeze the handle. It's that easy. The nails slip in tightly as if by magic. The best benefit is that the rims are pinched super tight as the nail is set with little or no effort.

Susie Clips(6)

The Susie Clips are 2" long with plastic covered ends. Tight gripping jaws and a strong spring makes this a great clip for holding Nantucket basket rims while fitting.

Flat Egg Sander $2.20
Fabric Sandpaper (3) $9.95

The Flat Egg Sander is the first step to wood finishing or smoothing. It is a thick, stiff pad, so it rides from high spot to high spot, bringing the wood down quickly. The flat egg sander levels chatter marks left on wood from other tools. It also allows you to sand in tight places where you can't fit your fingers behind regular sandpaper. The Fabric Sandpaper has a fabric back. It is water resistant and is the most resilient of all sandpaper. Fabric sandpaper stays soft in the hand and won't crack or tear.

Cushioned Push Pins
Short (12) $7.50
Long (12) $7.50

The Shakers pinned their basket bodies to the mold with tacks. We've adapted today's steel Push Pin by lacing tiny cushions over their shanks so they won't leave an imprint on the basket bottom.

Insta-Cure $5.95
Insta-Set $5.95
Un-Cure $5.95

Insta-Cure has become Nate's favorite adhesive when making Nantucket baskets. Use this glue for quickly gluing your Nantucket rim joints. Insta-Cure is a cyanoacrylate gap filling glue. Use the Un-Cure to separate what you have accidentally glued. The Insta-Set comes in a pump bottle. Just spray on your Nantucket rim joint before applying the Insta-Cure glue. It makes bonding instant.

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