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Nantucket Weaving Materials

Nate Imports His Own Cane

This cane is specially prepared to Nate's specifications. Grown in Indonesia and processed in China, this cane is imported solely for Nate. This is the only way Nate can guarantee quality cane at all times of the year. Nate gives you his best prices and quality in convenient small 4-ounce bundles making his Deluxe weaving cane Nate's Best Buy.

Exclusive!!! New Mini Cane

Nate's Deluxe 4oz. Cane Bundles

Rim Cover

Half Round Reed Rim Sets

Nate's Ready Stave Packs

Nate's Tapered Cane Staves

Nate's Tapered and Beveled Ash Staves

Nantucket Pounded Ash

Nantucket Pounded Ash Stave Bundles

Nantucket Pounded Ash Weavers

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